New Version - Standard Box Joint Bug Fix

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New Version - Standard Box Joint Bug Fix

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I just uploaded a new version of JointCAM that fixes a bug with the box joint toolpaths.

About a month ago, I had released another new version that I didn't publicize. JointCAM now has support for multiple heads and ATC's on ShopBot machines. This new version cleans also up some interface issues that were introduced in the previous version.

I also added the ability to turn off G20/G21 in this version. Previously, one or the other was always added to the g-code. You can now uncheck them both on the Configuration tab.

I'm working on updating the manual, and I'll also be doing some new videos, as JointCAM as quite a few undocumented features that have been added along the way. Once I get those out of the way, I'll be working on the Mortise and tenon joints that are long overdue.

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